Thursday, 30 October 2014

MineCraft week 1-2

on the left is what we want in our MineCraft city 
and on the  right is our top 10 what we need in our city

week 1 
1 first we saw on a scale 1-10 how good we were at MineCraft (I was a 10)
2this was our planning in our first week of minecraft
 3when we went to the south learning we went in our  build groups and started to build (I was in the beach and fishing)
4 then we all found were we want to build
5 then we got building 

Week 2.

 is sfctedfetuwfkuewat


  1. I think you could have added more details tho nice colours :)

  2. star:great job on the spelling
    star:great detail